Kouppa, Chara, OLP Elem/MS/Academy Inclusion Specialist

Mrs. Chara Kouppa holds a BA in Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology (2012) from the University of Athens and an MSc in Inclusive and Special Education (2014) from the University of Edinburgh. Upon her graduation, she taught Social Studies in various high schools in the city of Edinburgh. Mrs. Kouppa has also received a college admissions training at New York University (2018), Abu Dhabi.

This is her seventh year at ACS Athens. For the last six years, she worked as OLP Inclusion Specialist, Advisory Counseling Specialist, IB CAS advisor, Study & Organizational Skills instructor, and taught Psychology in the Academy.  Finally, she has participated in the Mentor Program and Youth-to-Youth project and led the Academy Yearbook club for two years. 

This is her second year as OLP Elem/MS/Academy Inclusion specialist, supporting OLP students in all three schools and collaborating closely with Elem/Academy/MS faculty in a co-teaching model to ensure that differentiation is being implemented. 

Mrs. Chara Kouppa is an avid reader. Sometimes she writes. Her short stories have been published in various literature magazines in Greece.

email: kouppac@acs.gr