During the rise of online classes, teachers have explored new ways of encouraging students to self-direct their learning. 

Is there an opportunity to rethink traditional teaching methods? How do we empower students to pioneer their own learning? 

This was the main topic during this month’s Virtual Education Conference, organized by the Global School Alliance.

The GSA online conference took place on October 22, featuring a panel of distinguished speakers, including our very own Labrini Rontogiannis, who represented ACS Athens.

More than 200 educators and professionals registered for the online event, who had the opportunity to watch Ms. Rontogiannis and other speakers talk about Traditional vs. Flipped Learning.

As Ms. Rontogiannis commented,

"With the profile of the 21st-century learner changing, it is indeed the time for our teaching methods to change; stepping away from being the drivers of instruction; guiding students and empowering them to take their learning to a new level. Thank you so much to GSA and my ACS Athens family for the opportunity to share!"

Thank you, Ms. Rontogiannis, for a great speech and for representing ACS Athens!