A new book by ACS Athens student Olympia Filippeli

Olympia-Sophia Filippeli, a 12th grader at ACS Athens, presents some of humanity’s greatest ideals inside the colorful pages of her new book: diversity, cultural tradition, and equality. Being the child of an American mother and a Greek father, Olympia attempts to fit the wonder of cultures in just a few pages. Her book titled “Around the World in 32 Teeth” introduces Jamie, a young hero who loses his first tooth and travels around the globe to decide what to do with it…….should he wait for the Tooth Fairy or throw his tooth onto the roof as the Greeks do?

“Around the World in 32 Teeth” is an inspiring journey, a lesson of peace and tranquility among the different cultures and traditions around the globe that shape us and make us who we are today. “It is heartening to know that, in today’s difficult times, there are teenagers like author Olympia Filippeli, who realize the importance of getting along and sharing with each other the different traditions and cultures across the globe that are a part of who we are” says Daniel V. Speckhard, U.S. Ambassador to Greece in his remark in the book.

“Olympia’s tender story of childhood dilemma that most of us face is a moving reminder that we all have a custom to share in this small world” Dr. Gialamas, President of ACS Athens, points out in his remark.

In the book, Jamie loses his tooth but discovers the beauty of cultural identity and when he returns home he knows exactly what to do with his tooth; he throws it onto the roof. After all, he is Greek!

The book will soon be available in Greek bookstores. To pre-order a copy, email the author at olysofia@otenet.gr.