Congratulations to the ACS Athens Academy students for launching the Observer, a news site run by students for students.

The Observer offers an open forum for ACS Athens students who can report news and express their thoughts on a wide range of topics.

School News, World News, Culture corner, Science and Technology, Student voices are some of the Observer categories.

Each category content includes written articles, video clips, editorial cartoons, podcasts and photostories.

The site is curated by the Media Literacy, Communication and Production course.

However, all ACS Athens students are encouraged to contribute content to the site.

Mr. Hercules Lianos, ACS Athens faculty, who is also in charge of coordinating students in this project, commented:

"The ACS Athens Observer is an exciting forum for ACS Athens students to practice journalism and cultivate productive dialogue.

Students are now able to engage the school community through a platform they can call their own."

If you are an ACS Athens student and would like to be part of this collaborative effort and contribute with your content, please email Mr. Lianos at

Congratulations to the Academy Students for this brilliant initiative!

Click here to access the ACS Athens Observer site.

Enjoy your browsing!