Leveraging Teacher Leadership - Inspiring Creativity and Innovation at ACS Athens

International Journal of Innovation in Education

by Eleoussa Polyzoi, Stefanos Gialamas, Kristina Cliteur, Maureen Babb

Using a transformative learning lens, based on the work of Mezirow (2000), this study provides insight into the factors that influence excellence and innovative teaching at the American Community School of Athens. Using a case-study methodology, ten one-hour interviews were conducted with teachers and administrative staff of the school to examine their perspectives on the importance of innovation, qualities of teachers as leaders, and factors that facilitate the transformation process as exemplified by their school.

Questions included: How do you cultivate innovation and creativity through your teaching? How do you foster an educational climate that values critical reflection? How do you encourage a deeper-level thinking among students that is transformative in nature? The interviews were uniquely positioned to examine innovative change as it occurs and the processes and challenges that emerge when such change is instituted (Fullan, 2016). Three exemplary school programs are described that illustrate innovative practices at this school.

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