The Class of 2024 Academy Commencement Speaker was none other than the distinguished Tom Mustin, a veteran in the world of broadcast journalism and proud ACS Athens Alum. With a celebrated career spanning over two decades in television news, Tom has navigated the rigorous demands of the industry, emerging as a highly respected storyteller and communicator. His journey is marked by resilience and excellence, qualities that have earned him three Emmy Awards as both an anchor and reporter. In addition to his on-screen accomplishments, Tom brings a wealth of experience in media communications, coupled with a commitment to education as an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

In today’s episode of Owlcast, Tom emphasizes the significance of serving a school community with a global perspective and the unparalleled benefits of a robust alumni network. We discuss the qualities essential for graduates to succeed, emphasizing the power of storytelling in the media industry. Tom's insights into the human element of communication highlight how genuine connection and empathy are key to impactful storytelling. Additionally, he shares his personal reflections on what it means to be recognized with multiple Emmy Awards, offering a glimpse into the personal fulfillment that comes with such achievements.

Furthermore, Tom talks about the crucial need for media literacy in today's information-rich society, and the ongoing challenge of maintaining fairness and balance as a journalist. He urges our community and its graduates to "check their excuses at the door" if they wish to excel and addresses the significant role of parents in guiding their children's interactions with artificial intelligence. Through his words, Tom aims to inspire a new generation of graduates to embrace their potential, uphold integrity, and commit to lifelong learning.

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