The last Owlcast of the season proudly hosts Dr. Nancy Snow, a Fulbright Professor of Public Diplomacy at Panteion University, a Visiting Scholar at the Institute of International Relations (IDIS), and the Lead Author of "Propaganda and Persuasion," now in its 8th edition with Sage. Her expertise in intercultural communications, peace and conflict resolution, and US foreign policy, particularly public diplomacy, makes her a fitting guest for this season's finale.

Dr. Snow's discussion with ACS Athens President Dr. Peggy Pelonis, among many other topics, includes the evolving landscape of storytelling, particularly within academia. Professor Snow sheds light on the growing shift towards digital media platforms, driven by the need for speed and the diverse range of mediums and audiences now accessible.

Professor Snow also discusses her role as a communication catalyst at both state and local levels. Her work promotes mutual understanding and encourages curiosity as a vehicle for promoting diversity. She argues that diversity acts as a change agent, benefiting both professional growth and personal development. Her insights into how curiosity can drive engagement and learning are particularly timely in today's rapidly changing world.

Listen as we explore these themes and more with Professor Nancy Snow, celebrating a season of insightful discussions and looking forward to future explorations in public diplomacy and global communication.

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