Today’s guest in the Owlcast is metaverse expert and futurist Costantino Roselli, who pokes us with quite provocative topics as what is reality and what is imagined. He combines elements nobody sees, and raises brand identities you had never thought were there. He is the founder & CEO of the Branding & Digital Agency, Weird Authentic People, co-founder and CVO of NTZNS, Digital Fashion Studio & Multi-brand eCommerce, and a member of “The Infinite Club”, a club that studies the future in the world. Costantino challenges himself to read 100 books a year, he loves snow, red wine, fast cars, and Art as he believes that the future of humanity belongs to artists of any form.

Stay with us as we attempt to break into the virtual realm of the Metaverse. With Costantino Roselli today we discuss:

  • Experiencing the reality of metaverse;
  • Defining the new reality and how much of our reality is real;
  • What would make Leonardo Da Vinci furious;
  • The “source” of the metaverse;
  • Did the Beatles invent teenagers?;
  • The importance of asking What if vs. How to.

... and much more!

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