Today’s guest was one of the keynote speakers at the recent EduTech Europe conference in Amsterdam. Her speech was titled “The limits of knowing: uncertain futures for education,” and those of us who expected one more presentation with slides were pleasantly surprised, as she did not need a slide deck to pass her message through.

Our guest today is Kathleen Naglee, an award-winning global leader in education for innovative and inclusive practices. She’s the Head of the International School of Helsinki and a Commissioner for NEASC. She’s also a fellow podcaster with a show named Unhinged Collaboration.

With Kathleen, today we discuss:

  • Why are we still going to school;
  • How relevant are the foundations of education if they are still based on highly traditional centuries-old thoughts and practices;
  • Exploring the new spaces that are being created in education;
  • The education paradigm of Finland, where students of all ages have a voice and choice;
  • Inclusivity and learning differences;
  • The emergence of AI in education - the case of chatGPT as a tool and not as a crutch;
  • Cheating through the internet as it’s morphing into cheating through AI;
  • Meet the challenges with curiosity;
  • The correct way to prompt AI.

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