The topic of inclusivity is essential for all to understand, as it creates a fair, just, and equitable society that values diversity and promotes the full participation and inclusion of all individuals.

At ACS Athens, one of the ways we promote inclusivity is through the Optimal Learning Program. The philosophy of a learning support program is not unique among American schools but the OLP has evolved into a hotbed of innovation in learning methodologies, collaborations, and research, that ultimately prepare students to become independent of the services and maximize learning outcomes by capitalizing on their individual needs, interests, and abilities.

Today's guest has been an ACS Athens educator and special education expert for 18 years and heads the program that offers the teaching and learning tools and methodologies that enable all students to learn.

Sarah Kaldelli is the Optimal Learning Program Coordinator, an advocate of inclusivity and child safety, continuing a long tradition of supporting students at their own pace and in their own way.

With Sarah Kaldelli, today we discuss:

  • Educational Tourism and empathy for international students;
  • Early Childhood and Elementary Education: blurring the borders;
  • What is Optimal Learning;
  • The use of AI tech tools in special ed;
  • Psychoeducational testing, IEP's, and other customizations in student learning;
  • The inclusion model in Education - expanding the frontiers and the intentional deviation from the norms;


  • From under-diagnosing to compensating for learning differences.

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