Professional development opportunities

As most of us are spread out across the globe, it is important not only to maintain the knowledge we have acquired from our formal education, but to enhance the skills needed for the delivery of the best possible services. The benefits of continuous professional development are many, such as:

Learning new trends, applying best practices, increased confidence, improved efficiency, re-energizing staff, creation of innovative approaches and more.

Well crafted and delivered professional opportunities are important because they benefit the individual, their profession and the public, which in our case, consists of our students and student-athletes.

So, in the world of international schools, how can one continue to be engaged in life-long learning? In the modern world of technology, the world has become much smaller. There is no need to even leave one's premises; all sorts of webinars are available for all sorts of trades... tutorials on how to do specific exercises, or game plays for a specific sport, or even online lesson plans for different age levels in physical education or any other subject for that matter. Furthermore, conferences and seminars are being organized by institutions / organizations all over the world; there provide great "hand on" opportunities full of action, in addition to the networking possibilities among many individuals, most probably with similar interests!

So, take the time to look for what is out there! You will be pleasantly surprised!

Annie Constantinides

Chief Editor

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