Are you ready to Turn back Time?

The Event

On June 13, 2020 get ready for a spectacular homecoming event!

Join us on campus for the Global All-Class Reunion, celebrating 75 years of ACS Athens history!

A fun packed event with live performances by our talented alumni musicians, Greek menu buffet dinner and lots of surprises! 

Event Timetable

10:00 - 12:00 Basketball, Soccer, and Table Tennis Tournaments
18:00 - 19:00 School Tours
19:00 - 20:00 Welcome Guests/ Welcome Drink - Cocktails (plus DJ set)
20:00 - 20:30 Buffet open for serving (plus DJ set)
20:30 - 21:00 Welcome speech by Dr. Pelonis, et al
21:00 - 00:00 Performances and Music

The Reunion Event is open to everyone who has attended ACS Athens in the past, regardless of the duration and date.
Feel free to take your spouse or/and friend with you - just make sure you all get your tickets on time, as they are selling out fast!
Tickets to the Reunion Event cost €60.00 for ACS Athens Global Members and €70.00 for Non-Members.

You can buy your tickets until May 31, 2020, provided there is ticket availability.
Please make sure you have purchased your tickets on time, as there will be no ticket sales on the day of the event.

Upon arrival, all registered guests will receive a complimentary reunion bag, filled with lots of goodies, such as the commemorative Reunion Event T-shirt, and much more!

Book your ticket, save the date, and get ready to Turn back Time!

Sponsoring the event:

We are putting together an amazing event, and you can help us make it even greater! If you are interested in sponsoring this event, we would be more than happy to have you as a Reunion Sponsor, promoting your company on the Reunion Website, Program, and Social Media!
We welcome both in-kind and monetary donations!

Please click here to find out more!

Reunion Sponsors:

Kelley Morgan, "When Pigs Fly Events" - donating the Reunion Commemorative Tote Bags
ZEFS Trophies
- donating the Reunion Commemorative T-shirts

The Performers

We have an amazing lineup of acclaimed alumni musicians, who will perform great hits and bring back some good memories! Are you ready to turn back time?

Here’s a list of the confirmed performers - the list is updated daily so stay tuned and keep posted!

The Activities

It's going to be a fun-filled reunion!

We are hosting a basketball and a soccer tournament, as well as a table tennis competition - are you ready to compete?

Alumni B-ball, Soccer and Table Tennis tournaments, June 13, 10-12 am.

Interested? Contact Annie Constantinides at

Liability disclaimer: by participating in these activities you accept all responsibility. Click here to fill in the disclaimer form (coming soon).

The Menu

The taste, smell and texture of food can be exceptionally evocative, bringing back so many memories!
We have put together a delicious buffet dinner with authentic Greek flavors, catered by the TRUE catering of the Radisson Blu Park Athens.
Enjoy the menu and get ready to Turn back Time!



Welcome Drink

Ouzo breeze

Fresh lemonade with mint

Salads & Appetizers

Greek salad with tomato, feta cheese, cucumber, olives, green peppers and capers

Eggplant salad

Seasonal Greens salad with Dakos crumble and  marinated cherry tomatoes

Salad with black-eyed beans, pickles and fresh onion

Chortotyropita in crispy phyllo, Greens and white cheese pie

Mushroom and vegetable tarte

Main Dishes and Sides

“Biftekakia” beef burgers with herbs and yogurt sauce on the side

Grilled chicken marinated with herbs

Village Sausages with mustard sauce on the side

“Tourlou” (eggplants, green and red bell peppers, zucchinis with fresh tomato sauce (vegan) 

Baked potatoes with fresh thyme and sea salt (vegan)

Skioufichta Traditional pasta with summer vegetables (vegan) 

Gyros Station

Traditional Pork Gyros with herbs

Served with Pitta bread, tomatoes, tzatziki, boukovo, mustard and mayo sauce, tomato, onions


Greek sweets

Portokalopita, Sokolatopita, Galaktoboureko  

Traditional Loukoumades with their accompaniments (honey, nuts, cinnamon)

Fresh Seasonal Fruits

Beverages served during the dinner

Semeli Giorti Red and White wine, Beers

Soft drinks Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Coca Cola Zero

Mineral water sparkling and flat

The Memorabilia

Make this event an unforgettable experience by taking some memorabilia back home!

We have gathered some pretty cool things at the ACS Athens e-shop, come and have a look!

For more information on pre-ordering ACS Athens Memorabilia visit the Reunion Pre-Order Form.

Please note that due to costly shipping, we suggest you pre-order and pick up your items at the reunion.


The Details


The spotlight is on you!

ACS Athens has launched its new aspiring initiative and we want you to be a part of it!

We invite you to join our new fundraising “Name-a-Seat” project, an exciting opportunity for you to name a seat in the school theater, where your support of ACS Athens will be acknowledged in a very special way!

How does it work? You get to "name" your theater seat for the next 20 years, thus becoming a “Name-a-Seat” donor.  

The legacy of your gift will be seen for years to come as the ACS Athens community enjoys the productions and events made possible by your support and will be associated with ACS Athens, a world-class International School for leading innovation and creativity.

Help us build new classroom space on the recently purchased land adjacent to the front courtyard near the PJ/JK/K classes in the Annex ("Alumni Villa") and to renovate our school science labs with state of the art equipment.

Click here for more!