Rodopoulou, Ifigeneia, Academic Advisory 11 & 12, Counseling Specialist

Ifigeneia Rodopoulou was born and raised in Athens Greece. She is a professional with studies and experience in Humanities and Special Education. Her bachelor’s degree is in Pedagogy, Psychology and Philosophy at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, her first master’s degree in Special Education at the University of Nicosia, and her second master’s degree in History at the University of Cyprus. Ms. Rodopoulou has obtained many skills and strategies from seminars and extended studies, guiding students on their academic path not only as a Secondary teacher but also as Special Educator. Experience has proven that she can effectively communicate with students from various backgrounds and age groups and provide psychological support to students, parents, and teachers that deal with academic and behavioral needs. She has 4 years experience at ACS Athens employed as Special Educator and 2 years experience as Online Instructor for the ACS Athens Institute, along with 10 years private tutoring experience in both Greek and English languages, and excellent instructional and organizational capabilities. Alongside, she has worked as Secondary Teacher in a Greek Special Education School in Ilioupoli, which provides education for children with special educational needs and as Digital Storytelling teacher at ACS Athens Summer Camp. Prior to this position, she worked as teacher of Creative Writing at after school programs at the 1st Public School of Vrilissia.  Her experience as an educator has been multidimensional as she has been working with students from various backgrounds. Her work always prioritizes student’s wellness in a multicultural environment that respects educational values and gives the opportunity to students to thrive and become strong and independent people.