Gargali, Athina, Health Office Head Nurse

Athina Gargali is a certified Nurse from the Prefecture of Athens and also registered with the Nursing Association of Greece. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. In 2018, Ms. Gargali earned a scholarship and subsequently completed her Master's Degree in Health Economics and Administration at the University of West Attica, department of Public Health Policy. Lastly, in 2020, she completed her 9 month specialization program in School Nursing from the Education and Lifelong Learning Center in University of Thessaly.

Ms. Gargali has completed her work study as a Nurse in Konstantopoulio General Hospital. She has worked as a Freelance Nurse in Athens and since 2017, she has been working at ACS as the Head Nurse of the Health Center. Ms. Gargali holds a Pediatric/ Adults First Aid Certification as well as a certificate for a BLS/AED Provider Course. She has also completed a 3 year course in sign language.

Ms. Gargali was born and raised in Athens Greece.