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Registration request for the upcoming academic year will be accepted from end of June 2022.

In case you want to join tennis lessons over the summer please contact the tennis academy office directly.

Mr. Igor Schoenefeld, Tennis Academy Coordinator & Head Coach: (email:, Tel.: 210-6393-200 (ext. 413).

  • To join the ACS Athens Tennis Academy a registration request must be submitted online. For ACS Athens students the registration request can be found here;


    "NON" ACS Athens members have to submit their register request here.

  • The availability of the specific requests (training time and days) is checked within the master schedule; in case of non-availability, alternative dates and times will be provided for approval. 
  • An individual’s request MUST be confirmed by the tennis academy; a registration request confirmation email will be sent shortly after and the request will be processed.
  • A second registration confirmation will be sent approximately one week before the beginning of the season to confirm the training spot and provide further information, including the final cost.  At this time the registration is complete. 
  • Main Registration Period: June 30th – September 10th but registration is possible all year round as well; however, space availability may be limited and sessions may be full. As long as you are not contacted by the tennis academy starting from the day your registration request was submitted until one week before the first season is about to begin, the tennis academy isable to accommodate you with your requested preferred day/s and time/s.
  • Once the schedule is determined and the member received the registration confirmation the cost of the activity MUST be paid via web banking.
  • Registration in the tennis program remains active throughout the academic year and additional registration over the academic year is not necessary.