K-12 Exhibition 2020-2021

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An ACS Athens tradition, the K-12 Arts Exhibition is an annual event, usually held on campus towards the end of the school year, showcasing the amazing artworks of the students.

Unfortunately, the on-campus exhibition could not be held again this year as a result of the current COVID-19 situation.

Because of these special circumstances, the school decided to have an "online exhibition", with selected art pieces from all 3 schools gathered in this virtual gallery.

Elementary, Middle School and Academy students demonstrated their brilliant art skills in their work, we are so proud of all the talent and diversity represented in the school!

We are so proud of the creativity and skills that students have demonstrated throughout the virtual and face-to-face learning experience. Congratulations to all our talented students!

Art Faculty:

  • Sophia Stella Soseilos, Arts Division Chair, Academy Faculty, IB Visual Arts Instructor
  • Trina Langsenkamp, Academy and Middle School Art Teacher
  • Evi Sotiropoulou, Middle School Art Teacher
  • Farida El Gazzar, Elementary School Art Teacher
  • Steven Baldino, Elementary School Art Teacher