Part-time Youth-to-Youth Programs

Program objectives:

The Part-Time Y2Y and B2Y programs for unaccompanied minors aim to address four areas: 

Academic Learning through languages, arts, and computers classes; 

Skill Development through professional etiquette development activities and oral presentations; 

Wellness through athletics, sports, dance and drama classes; 

and Social Integration through Youth-to-Youth teaching, public events and celebrations as well as inclusion in social media.

What makes this program truly unique and meaningful is its need-based curriculum, its differentiated learning outcomes and the opportunity of learning skills relevant to the local and international labor market.

The design of the program focused on providing to these unaccompanied minors an environment where students felt connection and belonging, that they were important and cared for, that their needs count and that they would be addressed, that they would be empowered and find courage to grow academically and socially.

Innovating Teaching Methodology:

The teaching methodology combines the expertise of ACS Athens faculty, who participate as program instructors, with the support of ACS Athens student volunteers, who take on the role of teaching assistants. Throughout the program, ACS faculties serve mostly as facilitators with ACS Athens students working one to one with Home Project students to deliver the designed activities. The inclusion of ACS Athens students of similar age enhances academic and social learning. In addition, it provides opportunities for friendships between ACS Athens and the Home Project students, thus assisting the latter with acclimation to the local culture, development of trust and faith in people, and helping them to forge a new path forward.

Inclusion and Collaboration of The HOME Project Organization and the professionals involved in the care of the unaccompanied minors is an important factor in the development of the program. In addition to their continuous presence every Saturday, the programs’ educational and social goals are in full alignment with the processes and practices, as well as the socio-emotional support mechanisms in place in each of the homes run by the HOME Project. The continuous communication between ACS Athens and HOME Project professionals regarding the wellbeing and growth of the students is vital in ensuring the success of the intended outcomes of the programs.


The Part-Time Youth-to-Youth Program delivers a need-based curriculum based on the academic skill level and goals of each individual student designed by ACS Athens faculty. The curriculum includes academic learning (English and Greek languages, art, computer), skill development (professional etiquette, oral presentation), wellness (athletics, sports, drama, dance), and social integration (student-to-student teaching, public events, celebrations, social media). The development of relevant skills necessary for employment as well as necessary social skills such as collaboration, discipline, focus, resiliency, trust,and tolerance for diversity are the essential learning aims of the curriculum and the teaching methodology.  

Part-time Business to Youth Program:

The Part-time Business-to-Youth program was designed for students who have attended the Youth-to-Youth program for at least one cycle and are 16 years of age or older. This program aims to prepare unaccompanied refugee minors for the workforce. Τhe curriculum focuses on enhancing language and vocational skills as well as the development of professional etiquette. Specifically, English and Greek language classes put emphasis on reading comprehension, writing and oral skills using business specifics tests, writing emails, mock job interviews, and writing their own curriculum vitae. The computer class focuses on teaching Excel, Word and PowerPoint Presentations.