(Updated July 2019)

Bus services are contracted by ACS Athens parents and cover virtually the entire Athens area. Students are transported by professional drivers and are supervised on the bus by a monitor and any ACS Athens staff members who also ride the bus. Monitors regularly communicate and collaborate with the building principals if there is ever a discipline problem.

Students are expected to follow the Bus Code of Conduct to ensure a safe ride for everyone. Consequences are clearly spelled out for students. Please review the transportation code of conduct (also posted on all buses), talk with your child about it, and let transportation know if there is ever a concern or problem. Making sure our students are feeling safe and happy during their commute is important to us.

Pricing & Routes

For the school year 2019 - 2020, the bus prices will be:

€ 1,320 for Zone A (Halandri, Ag. Paraskevi, N. Psychico)

€ 1,755 for Zone B (Psychico, Filothei, Papagou, Holargos, Vrilissia, Athens-Hilton)

€ 1,980 for Zone C (All other areas)

Prices include VAT (ΦΠΑ). In case of increase in VAT, the rates will be adjusted accordingly and will apply to parents of children who have not settled payment.

  • The above said bus contract/agreement is available below for parents to print / sign / and return to the Transportation Office. Please be sure to sign this contract and mail it directly to Mr. Sarris, Aharnon 70, 145 61 Kifissia.
  • Please be advised that the Contractor will also have a representative available at the school from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm if you should need to contact him.
  • To arrange for student pick-up and drop off locations please contact Mr. Marios Nikolis the Transportation Office at 210.6070.239.
  • For practical reasons, the bus service is not a “door-to-door” service. In general, the buses will collect and drop off all children at the closest possible point, within two or three street blocks, from the student’s home. The bus stops will naturally be on main corners, roundabouts, STOP signs or near crosswalks considering the total bus route length and duration, and the width of the road.
  • Parents can pay the fees directly to the contractor, Mr. Sarris, through bank transfer to one of the following two bank accounts:

    National Bank of Greece (Ethniki)

    • Bank Account Number: 120-001-565-26
    • IBAN: GR-570-110-120-000-001-200-015-6526

    Alpha Bank

    • Bank Account Number: 139-002-320-006-330
    • IBAN: GR-020-140-139-013-900-232-000-6330

    Account Beneficiary: Σαρρής Δ&Α ΑΕ (Sarris D&A SA)

    Please fax a copy of your payment receipt to Mr. Sarris at 216.800.2844 or send a copy of the payment receipt to for his records. If you have any questions, please call Mr. Sarris at 210.801.5833 or 210.801.7396.

Terms & Reduced Fares

In case of a student (grades 1-12) who wishes to use the bus one way, if this is declared at the beginning of the school year, the payment will be a 65% of the total transportation fees, otherwise the total fees should be paid.

Pre-school children who finish at 13:00 and are picked up by their parents are charged at a 50% rate.

In case of termination of the contract due to departure of the student/s from the school or for any other reason NO REFUND is due.

If the bus fees are not paid in full the bus contractor will be able to pursue payment through legal channels, using the city of Athens legal courts.

Transportation Contract

The Transportation Contract for riding the bus can be downloaded by clicking here:

See Bus Privacy Policy Form below:

GDPR Bus Privacy Policy Form (English)

GDPR Bus Privacy Policy Form (Greek)

The above GDPR Bus Privacy Policy Form is available for parents to print / sign / and return to the Transportation Office.