Impressions from the Athens Science Festival 2019

ACS Athens is incredibly proud to have had 130 of its students (Grades 2 through 11) present at the Athens Science Festival in Technopolis, Friday 5 and Saturday 6 of April, 2019. This year, the ASF hosted 140 educational and research institutions that presented 250 sessions in total.

ACS Athens has enjoyed substantial visibility, as its presence spanned two days, that is, two different visitor zones (schools, and families) and included participation through 7 interactive exhibitions, and 3 interdisciplinary, innovative workshops. All sessions were delivered successfully with the coordination of Dr. Avgerinou (EdTech & eLearning Director) and Dr. Karampelas (Academy Faculty), and the full support of 18 educators from across the Elementary, Middle School and High School, the IT department and the Media Studio.

ACS Athens' student-led presentations, live experiments, and performances attracted and engaged many visitors of diverse educational background who came to visit and became inspired by this significant scientific outreach event. As ACS Athens students happily confirm, they considered their participation as a remarkable learning experience both for sharing their work on a wide range of S.T.E.A.M. topics - from coding with music to designing future cities and to the internet of things (IoT) - and for being exposed to ideas and projects from other schools, universities and start-ups.

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