This winter, the ACS Athens Service Leaders club has coordinated a drive to collect items for the Halandri Municipality food bank. Many Middle School students supported this initiative by donating items.

To conclude this significant initiative, the members of the Service Leaders club went on a field trip to the Municipality to deliver the items collected, on Wednesday, December 11th. The students were informed about the food bank and how it runs by a social worker, while they sorted and took inventory of the donated items. The Service Leaders club members, inspired by the holiday spirit, participated in an activity creating good luck charms (ghouria) for the coming year, 2020. The charms will be given to families supported by the food bank. Lastly, the students wrote holiday wishes in children's books and on the packages of items. The Service Leaders club members were very enthusiastic about volunteering and taking part in this initiative. They look forward to collaborating with the Halandri municipality in serving the community again in the future.