Back in October, ACS Athens debaters Euthymia Soulanticas and Thalia Kalai applied and made it to the Team Greece Development Debate, a success that came as a result of their outstanding participation in several debate tournaments in previous years. Their performance and rankings ensured they met the criteria and could take advantage of this opportunity - one that turned out to be just the beginning of an exciting journey, one that is still ongoing!

Making it to the Development Team involved attending practices every Sunday and various workshops on debate, justice, and democracy. Euthymia and Thalia were required to complete supplemental readings on democracy and regimes around the world. They also participated in the 10th Hong Kong Open, an international tournament with participants from all over the world. The debate topics included mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, the USA in Yemen, journalism, and environmental campaigns.

Finally, at the end of this month, they will also be attending the Eurasian Schools Debating Championship (ESDC). This is enough to make the entire community proud and shows how far dedication, hard work, and passion can take you - from novice debaters in the 9th grade to top debaters being considered for the national debate team!

Yet the best was yet to come! The tryouts for selecting the students for Team Greece 2021 took place on Sunday, 10 January 2020. We are happy to share the news that both Euthymia Soulanticas and Thalia Kalai (as alternate) were selected to participate in the next phase of this process, culminating in the annual World Schools Debating Championship.

Congratulations, Euthymia Soulanticas and Thalia Kalai! Go Team Greece 2021!