ACS Athens is delighted to share another great student's accomplishment; this time by 11th grader Ariadni Koropouli, who just concluded a very creative challenge within a workshop organized by the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

Back in October 2020, Ariadni and 7 more participants were chosen, after an open call, to take part in an educational dance & choreographic workshop called "Ancient Future Solo": an original idea of approaching ancient Greek drama texts in an experimental fashion materialized by choreographer Mariana Kavalieratos.

Affected by the pandemic, the workshop had to move online - without a doubt a great challenge for dancers. Ariadni for example, among other things, had to rearrange furniture at home every weekend just to make some space.

In the end, the creative outcome, a solo fully choreographed and performed by Ariadni and artistically marked by the lockdown situation, was a great success!

Commenting on Ariadni's success, David Nelson, ACS Athens Academy School Principal noted: "Congratulations to Ariadni for not only helping to keep the arts alive during a very difficult time but also for inspiring other students to find their own outlets for expression. Your creativity, talent, and motivation are a tribute to the diversity of interests and perspectives that makes ACS Athens unique and demonstrates again how you are helping to "transform the world as architects of your own learning". Once again, congratulations Ariadni!"

You can watch Ariadni's amazing solo, titled "Captum", on the Festival's official site and on YouTube.