The Innovation Summit, hosted by the ACS Athens Learning commons, and run and organized by the ACS Athens Incubator, was held again this year on February 23-24.

Thirty-nine student presenters from three different schools and over 550 student participants engaged in workshops related to Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence with OpenCV and Python, Cyber Security, and the Dangers of Malware, just to name a few.

Without a doubt, this is the highest level of student leadership that can exist in an educational institution and it was an honor to have ACS Athens and visiting students present fascinating topics and share their intellectual passions.

It's wonderful to see educators guiding students as responsible global citizens to improve life and living on the planet. By encouraging students to pursue their interests, passions, and curiosities, educators help them develop a sense of purpose and direction in their lives, while also inspiring them to make a positive impact on the world.