The 2023 ECIS Conference "Leading Inclusion by Example", hosted at ACS Athens March 17-18, was a tremendous success. It was inspiring to see and hear educators from around the world sharing their insights and collaborating with the ultimate goal of helping all students find success in their learning.

Chris Perakis, chair of the ECIS SIG Committee, along with her team, did an outstanding job coordinating the conference, and Dimitri Grant, our Project Manager, ensured a seamless two days of events and workshops in multiple locations.

More than 30 ACS Athens faculty, staff, and students participated in the conference sharing the knowledge, expertise, and professionalism of the ACS Athens experience, and over 136 ACS Athens faculty and staff attended this sold-out international event.

Dr. Peggy Pelonis, President of ACS Athens, stated that "Inclusion matters to us because it gives everyone an equal opportunity to thrive."

ACS Athens Optimal Learning Program Coordinator Sarah Kaldelli, who presented a workshop on "The Language of Inclusion in Schools, said, "Discussing the range in diversity with colleagues from around the world was a true inspiration to continue the work we're doing! Opportunities like the recent ECIS Conference on Inclusive Education are deeply meaningful for educators, as we are all united in providing our students with safe, equitable, and inclusive learning experiences. What a wonderful and memorable two days".

During the recent ECIS conference, Frances Tottas, Assistant Director of Enrollment, delivered a presentation on “Cross-Departmental Collaboration” and the inclusive and transparent admission process.  She highlighted that the Admissions Paradigm prioritizes inclusivity by placing the child at the center of the process. By tailoring the application process to meet each student’s needs, the paradigm supports their academic and personal growth, enabling them to thrive. Moreover, it aims to make students feel valued and supported within the community by addressing their needs and creating an inclusive environment.