A workshop series at ACS Athens, from November 13 to 17, featured Dr. Sugarman, a leader in Gifted and Differentiated instruction, and Ms. Chris Perakis, an esteemed advocate for all learners.  The workshop was universal in scope and involved faculty, parents, and students from all levels to address a shared commitment to continuous improvement and dedicated time and effort to elevate our student services. They engaged in one-on-one discussions with teachers to pinpoint best practices in Differentiated Instruction, offering deeper possibilities for all students, including those with advanced learning needs. Students and parents across all levels participated in listening circles, contributing to the identification of ACS Athens Ethos—Unity in Diversity, Strong Thinkers, and Respect—and sharing ideas to foster our school culture and learning. Explorations were made to create additional pathways for advanced learners and streamline learning journeys. We’re embarking on the next phase of our collective venture, examining beliefs, and envisioning our future. We invite those interested to join us in building understanding and enthusiasm as we channel our energies towards our students.