A mutual relationship of active listening and respect has empowered the ACS Athens PTO to collaborate brilliantly well with the President’s Office. These qualities strengthen our golden triangle, create win-win-win relationships among parents, school, and students and create a positive environment for all.

Taking Action to Support Our Common Goals

By working together through volunteering, giving, and helping, the ACS Athens PTO has realized even the most ambitious goals to offer our children the best educational experience possible.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce that - over the course of three years due to COVID - these efforts proudly enabled the PTO to raise €25,000! 

This tremendous accomplishment will enable the realization of a long-standing goal to create a modern science lab for the Middle School that will benefit our children.

The check presentation took place at a PTO parent meeting, where candidates for the upcoming elections also presented their reasons for running as parent representatives on the Board.