Six remarkable third-grade students showcased their creativity and compassion at the school's Holiday Bazaar by handcrafting and selling their unique handmade comic books and flip o'ramas. Inspired by the non-profit organization Make A Wish, they wanted to 'make a child's wish come true' and diligently sold 20 comics, raising an impressive amount of 118 euros. Their generosity caught the attention of Make A Wish's leadership, who visited our school to express their gratitude to the students in the presence of Dr. Pelonis and Ms. Andrikopoulos.

In honor of this initiative, three of the students' comic books have been stored and displayed in the Elementary school's library for other students to read and get inspired! Additionally, the students were invited as special guests to Make A Wish's annual Thank You Night, where they received recognition before an audience of 1500. The event attendees included the ACS Athens Elementary School principal, Ms. Andrikopoulos, the students' families, children whose wishes had been fulfilled through donations, as well as other supporters of the organization and nationally recognized celebrities. Their initiative not only made a child's wish come true but also inspired many with their kindness and determination.