In a commitment to serve the ACS Athens Community, the school recently hosted its Annual Strategic Planning Meeting, a decisive event aimed at shaping the institution's future direction. With more than 100 participants, including representatives from the board of trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents, and members of the broader community, the meeting convened for a comprehensive review and discussion.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide an update on its accreditation status while gathering valuable input from constituents to steer future endeavors. Of particular focus was the development of students as Conscious Global Citizens in response to the evolving landscape of AI development.

Attendees had the opportunity to explore an impressive gallery showcasing educational artifacts, projects, and initiatives undertaken by students and faculty/staff throughout the year. Notably, the exhibits featured artifacts enhanced by Artificial Intelligence tools in education, aligning with ACS Athens' commitment to innovation and excellence. Displays also highlighted the institution's efforts in achieving its seven institution-wide goals, including promoting literacy, mathematics, and science education, as well as supporting special population groups in ESL and OLP to ensure students find their Best Fit University.

In line with the Sustaining Excellence Protocol, ACS Athens is conducting school-wide research involving all faculty and staff. Over the past three years, this research has identified best practices that significantly enhance student engagement, conceptual understanding, enthusiasm, confidence, and critical thinking across all instructional areas.

The meeting also acknowledged the integral role of internal coordinators in facilitating these initiatives. MaryAnn Augoustatos, Stavi Dimas, Dr. Julie Crain, and Mark McGowan, serving as ACS Athens Middle States Association Internal Coordinators, played a defining role in ensuring the success and progress of the institution's strategic goals.

Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to excellence, ACS Athens continues to advance its mission of providing exceptional education and preparing students for success in a dynamic global environment.