The Academy and Middle school students at ACS Athens continue to evolve as architects of their own learning.  

Together with their fellow TED-Ed Club members, they collaborated, discovered and explored their passions, fueling their journey towards their Ted talks. 

This year, ACS Athens students delivered their talks virtually and live, during their online TED-Ed events.

Student talks ranged from athletics and perseverance to goal setting; how to be comfortable with questioning and making mistakes in order to grow; overconsumption, media and even music and film!

They showed poise, effective communicative skills, powerful images to accompany their talks and resilience. 

Even during the lockdown, students met with their advisors, mentors and the writing studio continuously with the end-of-year TED-Ed event in mind.


Here is a video on TedEd, produced by the ACS Athens Middle School TedEd club.

Here are some reflective quotes from the Middle School TED-Ed students after participating in the club and event:

“It is a club that values inner growth and outer spreading."

- Vasileia Lalaki, 6th grade

“This club was more than a learning experience, but through it, I improved on my public speaking, feedback, and confidence.”

- Daphne Raptis, 6th grade

“When you start it, it's like a giant mountain. When you have time to think again, you are already done. Enjoy the process.”

- Kai Yuet Zhang, 7th grade

Congratulations to all our passionate ACS Athens - TED-Ed speakers!