A celebration of the art by all ages!

The opening reception of the annual K-12 End of the Year Art Exhibition was held on Tuesday, May 7th between 3:45 and 5:45 at the ACS Athens Theatre Lobby. Artists of all ages, parents, teachers, and administrators filled the space as music filled the air. It was a true celebration of the Arts. The sound of jazz music played by ACS ensemble was striking, enhancing the colorful surrounding. Excelling artworks from all grades and ages were mixed harmoniously in a thoughtfully thematic exhibition set up in areas of portraits, landscapes, flowers, collages, and designs. 3D sculptures in variations of media complemented the overall excellent art show.

Congratulations to our talented students and our Art faculty: Sophia Stella Soseilos (Academy art teacher), Evi Sotiropoulou (Middle School art teacher), Trina Langsenkamp and Farida El Gazzar (Elementary School art teacher) and Rhodell Fields (Music teacher).

Enjoy the photo gallery below!