We are thrilled to announce an extraordinary two-week educational experience for our Middle School students, the Graduating to Empathy Fest, a two-part educational project blending theater with inquiry and art with dialogical pedagogy.

The journey commences on May 31, during the Middle School Advisory Class (10:18-11:23), with the performance of The Graduation of Amanda B. at the ACS Athens Theater. The play, written and performed by our talented 7th and 8th-grade theater students, follows the captivating adventures of two Middle School refugees navigating a new world and a new school environment. The narrative will challenge our students to understand and share the feelings of others, highlighting the transformative power of empathy, the role of education in broadening our horizons, and the importance of conscious citizenship.

On June 7, during the Advisory Class, the journey continues. Students will participate in Socratic Seminars that will allow them to delve deeper into the themes presented in the play, fostering critical thinking, introspection, and open dialogue. Our goal is to create a space for students to express their views, question their preconceptions, and learn from the diverse perspectives of their peers.

We invite our entire school community – teachers, parents, and students – to join us on this unique journey. Together, we'll explore the intersections of theater, education, and dialogue, reinforcing the values that make us conscious global citizens.