Let's have a round of applause for the ACS Athens THIMUN 2024 Team, who recently returned from the prestigious 56th International Model United Nations Conference held at The Hague's esteemed World Forum. Representing Saudi Arabia and Cuba with two delegations comprising 24 exceptional students, our team left an indelible mark on the conference themed "Peace, Law, and Justice."

The dedication and hard work of each delegate received accolades and recognition across various committees and positions. Among the standout achievers, Dimitri Meintanas, serving as a Judge in the International Court of Justice, received a special invitation to extend his journey to the ICJ sessions in Turkey and Portugal. Kathleen Morris, demonstrating exceptional leadership as a Chair in the Special Conference on Peace, Law, and Justice, earned the admiration of THIMUN's Board of Directors, securing an invitation to return for the following year.

In the Special Forum on Ukraine, Nikephoros Gontzes captivated audiences with his profound understanding and insights into the intricate issues, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees. Aristeidis Bakamitsos, presiding as a Judge in the International Criminal Court, seamlessly navigated complex legal proceedings.

Bassam Boualwan, serving as the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in GA 2 (Economic and Financial), and Yiannis Solomos, representing Cuba in GA 1 (Disarmament and International Security), advocated for their respective nations' interests within the General Assembly, contributing significantly to the discourse on critical global issues.

Denis Romain's pivotal role as the Main Submitter to the resolution in GA2 (Economic and Financial) played a crucial part in shaping the conference's outcomes.

The ACS Athens THIMUN Team once again represented our school with poise, knowledge, and acumen. Great job, team!