As a result of a new collaboration between ACS Athens sixth grade students and the GAIA Jr students at the Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel (WBAIS), their preliminary research will be displayed this Saturday, January 23, during the 5th Annual GAIA Greece Symposium. A part of WBAIS, GAIA (Global Awareness, Investigation and Action) is an environmental research project created to raise student awareness about local environmental concerns and take an active community-based role working towards a resolution. Each year, local and international GAIA groups meet for the GAIA Research Symposium, sharing their research findings and discussing new models and protocols. 

Titled “World Citizens for Wildlife, Re-Booting Nature”, this year's virtual Symposium is hosted by the Attica Zoological Park - a member of the GAIA Project and a host of such events. During the Symposium, research projects will be presented by students on topics of invasive species, biomimicry, wildlife conservation & animal welfare, sustainable consumption, and genome projects and poster session announcements will be available. The collaborative research project that ACS Athens sixth grade will continue to develop is focused on the invasive species of little fire ants. Students will be involved in researching and setting up an experiment in order to see whether these species of ants have made their way to Greece. Their research findings will be shared with the WBAIS GAIA Jr students who have developed a research project on this topic already.

Congratulations to all ACS Athens sixth grade students on their great research and for participating!

If you want to learn more about the little fire ants, click here for the ACS Athens presentation.

(Please note: Following the Symposium, a recording of the event will become available - check back soon for the new post!