ACS Athens seventh graders excelled in the NVSEF (NESA Virtual Science and Engineering Fair) competition, showcasing dedication and perseverance throughout the process. A total of 40 teams competed at ACS. Each team selected an experimental question that they wanted to investigate related to a real-world problem. This enabled them to connect their investigation to one of the UN SDGs and display Conscious Citizenship. An experimental or engineering design followed, which they then conducted, collected data from three trials, and presented their results. They showcased their work during our Science Fair at ACS. This comprised Round I of the competition.

The top six teams advanced to Round II, facing additional challenges alongside international schools. Team 35, comprised of S. G., Melina Chatziioannou, and Noga Caspi, impressed the judges with their investigation on organic cleaning agents for stain removal, securing first place.

Round III demanded even more from the remaining teams. Team 35 tackled complex questions about their chosen solution and designed a follow-up experiment to explore its long-term effects on fabrics. Their exceptional work led them to victory once again.

Congratulations to Team 35, educators Ms. Bakoyannis, Ms. Bennet, Ms. Poulou, Mr. Koudounis, and Mr. Arsenikos, and all the supporters, including Mr. Embrock, Ms. Rontogiannis, Ms. Kosmas, Dean Toklatidou, and the judging educators. ACS Athens celebrates this triumph and looks forward to future scientific achievements.