The school was buzzing today with scientific excitement as the annual Science Fair took center stage! Seventh-grade students from the Middle School and Second-graders from the Elementary school showcased their creativity and research skills through a dazzling array of projects.

Seventh-grade students presented their science and engineering projects. They thought like scientists as they identified variables, defined their questions, planned and performed the experiment, collected data, and drew conclusions.

Second-grade students showcased their exploration of how water changes phase, how visible and invisible forces alter motion, how plants and animals progress through their life cycles, and how weather affects the Earth. They also presented their understanding of how change manifests over both short and long periods of time.

Congratulations to the Winners

While all participants deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication, a special shout-out goes to the top projects that will be moving on to the next phase of the NESA Science Fair competition!

Beyond the Competition

The Science Fair wasn't just about competition; it was a vibrant environment where students could share their passion for science, engage in discussion, and learn from each other. A huge thank you goes to the ES and MS teachers and our Lab Specialists, who provided invaluable support throughout the event.

The Future of Science is Bright

The ACS Athens Science Fair was a resounding success, leaving everyone inspired by the ingenuity and enthusiasm of our future scientists. We can't wait to see what amazing projects take center stage next year!