ACS Athens Intersection Club has created its own Intersection Escape Room which is now included and featured in the online library section of the Athens Science Festival.

This game is the end result of the dedication and hard work of the ACS Athens Academy Intersection Club students this year.

The students designed and executed the Intersection Escape Room in its entirety, after conducting detailed research on the links between Biology and Psychology in order to explain mental health issues.

A creative, entertaining and at the same time educational way to combine Biology and Psychology and raise awareness on sensitive topics, such as mental health, the Intersection Escape Room is a fun game to be played by all students (from Middle School up).

Mr. David Nelson, ACS Athens Academy School Principal commented:

Congratulations to the Intersection club advised by Mrs. Chamosfakidis and Dr. Prodromidi, who guided their students to create the Intersection Escape Room, which is also featured in the Athens Science Festival. An awesome example of the many ways that we extend learning far outside the classrooms of the Academy of ACS Athens. We're always finding more effective ways to engage students by meeting them where they are and meeting them with their interests. What a great example of student engagement and of service-learning in action so that students can share what they've learned with others.

Following are links to both the Greek and English versions of the game (currently only the Greek version is available at the Athens Science Festival).

Greek version   English version

Enjoy the game!