The Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle School students, offered by the MOEMS foundation, took place in ACS Athens on Wednesday, November 15th. The goal of the MOEMS competition is to facilitate students' excitement for problem-solving and mathematics, broaden their understanding and application of mathematical concepts, think creatively to solve problems, and ultimately cultivate a strong foundation for assessments and future mathematics studies.

ACS Athens Elementary and Middle School were proudly represented by a total of 65 students from grades 4 - 8! All student participants enjoyed the competition experience and showed effort and motivation, embracing the challenging road to becoming a capable problem solver!

Congratulations to all student participants for their excellent behavior during the competition and their effort and passion to become lifelong mathematics learners!

Mark your calendars for Contest II, on December 6!

Maria Falidas

Division Chair Mathematics K-12

Panos Mologousis
Virtual & Special Projects Coordinator