There's no better way to start a new school year than by reflecting on the past year's experiences. The ACS Athens 2nd graders presented their Growth Mindset Exhibition of Learning last June, showcasing everything they learned -or, shall we say, “demonstrating all the synapses that fired in their brain and neuron connections they made.”

Through weekly lessons and activities, read-aloud extensions, and daily language that promoted a growth mindset, our learners started viewing challenges as growth opportunities and believing in their ability to improve over time with adequate effort. 

This labor of love featured engaging displays, inspiring presentations, singing, and even a self-produced video clip. Both students and teachers rejoiced in the journey of shaping and celebrating knowledge, leaving us bursting with pride for their unwavering dedication to learning. The ACS Athens 2nd graders have not only mastered the art of growth but also reminded us that the joy of learning is always worth celebrating.