History wasn’t just studied this week at ACS Athens; it was debated. The annual 10th-grade Truman Trial transformed classrooms into a courtroom as students wrestled with the enduring question: was President Truman justified in dropping the atomic bomb on Japan?

This mock trial wasn't a simple exercise. The defense presented a compelling case, highlighting the potential horrors of the continuation of war with Japan. But the prosecution, limited to information available in 1945, painted a different picture. Ultimately, their arguments resonated more deeply, securing a unanimous verdict of guilty.

The verdict, however, wasn't the only lesson learned. The Truman Trial is a cornerstone of ACS Athens, a tradition that ignites critical thinking and refines research skills since 2002. It's a testament to the dedication of the 10th-grade Combo Class Faculty – Marla Coklas, Hercules Lianos, Leonidas Gontzes, and Michael Januzzi – who guide students to not just learn history but to grapple with its complexities. As these young minds step further into their academic journeys, the echoes of this trial will undoubtedly continue to shape their understanding of the world.