Breaking news: The Princeton University Library has onboarded The Handbook of Research on K-12 Blended and Virtual Learning, Through the I2Flex Classroom Model. Edited by Drs. Avgerinou and Pelonis and published in March 2021, the book serves as a reference book in libraries across the globe including Stanford University Library.

With its impressive compilation of 35 chapters authored by 13 international scholars as well as 33 ACS Athens educators; (Dr. M. Avgerinou, Dr. P. Pelonis, Dr. J. Grigoropoulou, C. Rocha, S. Moros, J. Tokatlidou, Dr. E. Prodromidi, M. Katsiyianni, Dr. T. Fyrigou, L. Rontogiannis, E. Maratou, E. Evloyias, M. Sidiropoulou, C. Bakoyannis, Dr. A. Karampelas, H. Arnold, D. Andrikopoulos, Dr. E. Syropoulos, Dr. I. Kerkines, Dr. A. Stamati, K. Jasonides, A. Zavacopoulou, C. Venos, E. Karatopouzi, Dr. T. Koutsopoulos, J. Karvouniaris, H. Lianos, D. Nelson, A. Chamosfakidis, L. Pinirou, S. Koniossis, Dr. A. Sax) the book presents research and trends related to blended and virtual learning in the K12, as well as (2) research outcomes of online methodology.