Date: Tuesday, November 13th

Time: 10:30 am

Location: Administration Building, 2nd Floor, Large Conference Room

The meeting began with the President of the PTO Board welcoming all parents in the 2 nd General Meeting of ACS Athens Community.

Mrs. Dana Barrage started the meeting by giving a brief estimate of the money PTO Board raised from the Back to School BBQ Event as well as the Halloween Patch Sale (a net profit of 4.300 Euros in total).

Moreover, she mentioned the great success of the three events that were organized by the PTO Board and took place in November (the tour to the National Observatory of Athens, the hiking in Mount Immitos as well as the cookies and cupcake decoration workshop!) Then she refered to the cancellation of this year’s Turkey Bowl which was scheduled to take place Saturday 17 th of November.

She also referred to the anticipated event of the year which is just around the corner, the Holiday Bazaar. The Bazaar will take place Saturday 1 st of December,2018! She mentioned the importance of ACS Community participation in the upcoming Bazaar and invited all parents & guardians to join in various ways. By volunteering (you can sign up on line through ACS Athens website under PTO Events), by donating to Raffle or by donating small toys for the traditional Toys for Tots movement, where the US marines join ACS Athens celebrations, take pictures with the children and give away the donated gifts to local charities.

Moreover, Mrs.Barrage mentioned that PTO this year is also planning to donate a portion of the Raffle proceeds to local charity organizations such as "One Kid-One World" (Ένα Παιδί-ένας Κόσμος). She also invited any ideas about charity organizations which PTO can include in its future events.

Lastly, Mrs.Barrage announced the form of a cafeteria committee that is going to review the food choices and she informed us that soon we will hear about its actions. After this mini review from Mrs. Barrage Dr. Alessandra Sax JK-12 grade Counseling Psychologist took the lead.

Dr.Sax presented the very interesting topic of "Growth & Fixed Mindset", a methodology that our school started to embed in the classrooms (more actively in elementary) and in the general culture of the school. If you are interested in this topic you can find extra information by searching Mrs. Carol Dweck (Stanford University).

Dr. Sax presentation was followed by a stimulating presentation given by Ms. Christina Venos Faculty at 2 nd grade. Ms. Venos presented the practical implementation of Growth Mindset in the classroom by showing to parent's actual exercises and by giving specific examples.

The meeting concluded with Mrs. Vicky Koumbouni, Student Affairs Administrative Assistant where she explained thoroughly the ACS Athens Houses and how do they work. If you want to find out more about the Houses system you can email Mrs. Koumbouni at:

Prior of the ACS Athens PTO General Meeting the Academy, Elementary & Middle School Principal's Coffee took place.