ACS Athens President. Dr. Peggy Pelonis recently returned from an extremely fruitful trip to the Eastern United States. Existing partnerships were reinforced, new collaborations emerged, and many innovative and exciting projects were planned.

ACS Athens and the Chapin School Join Forces 

Dr. Pelonis was excited to meet with Chapin’s Head of School in New York, Suzanne Fogarty, to join forces for future collaborations. We look forward to seeing Chapin’s faculty and administrators at ACS Athens in the very near future.

ACS Athens Forges a New Partnership with the University of Delaware

President Pelonis forged a new partnership with the School of Education and the Biden School of Public Policy at the University of Delaware, so stay tuned for more. Meanwhile, ACS Athens is happy to welcome student teacher candidates from UDEL School of Education who will be participating in their study abroad student teaching field experience.

ACS Athens and Widener University Further Their Partnership to Include Engineering and AI

ACS Athens and Widener University have extended their partnership to include Engineering and AI. This was the conclusion of the meeting between Dr. Pelonis and Dr. Stacey Robertson, President of Widener University, in Philadelphia earlier this month. Both presidents are looking forward to this exciting new facet of their partnership.

ACS Athens and Drexel University Team Up to Discover the Secret of Longevity

For years, scientists have been searching for the secret to the excellent health and longevity of the  Ikarian people. A new collaboration between ACS Athens and Drexel University will set out to discover just that. In the coming months,  research related to the Island of Ikaria and its citizen’s history of longevity will take place with students and faculty from Drexel and ACS Athens. Dr. Pelonis, ACS Athens president; Ms. Constantinides, ACS Athens Athletic Director and Dr. Nyree Dardarian, assistant clinical professor in the Department of Nutrition Sciences at Drexel University and Director of the Center for Nutrition & Performance, are teaming up for some great programs ahead.

ACS Athens President Attends MSA Board Meeting in Philadelphia

A very important Board meeting took place for Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Pelonis, now an Executive Board member of MSA, met with the new MSA President, Christian Talbot, and MSA Commissioners to discuss plans for the future. Middle States Association has close to 3000 member schools, and ACS Athens is one of the first schools to be accredited by MSA with their highest protocol, "Sustaining Excellence."