Today’s episode is about belonging to the NHS, the National Honor Society and the merits of being inducted into this prestigious organization. We are joined by two faculty advisors who have dedicated their energy and time to guiding students in joining and being active in NHS, as well as a remarkable high school senior who not only exemplifies the pillars of quality of an NHS member but also serves on the council for the second consecutive year. Together, we will explore the significance of NHS induction, its impact on students’ lives, and the invaluable experiences gained through active participation in this esteemed organization.

We will explore the multifaceted benefits of NHS membership, from the academic recognition it bestows to the opportunities for service and leadership that it provides. We will also talk about the ways in which NHS induction shapes students’ character, fostering a commitment to excellence, integrity, and community involvement that extends through their high school years into college and beyond.

Joining us today are NHS Advisors, Dr. Elina Prodromidi, Science Division Chair, and Ms. Matina Katsiyianni, Mathematics Academy Faculty.

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