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Today the Owlcast is all about Art, the most interesting and creative and original art there is! The artists are 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade students, who are now exploring the elements of Art and their imagination is as pure as the primary colors and their creativity is still boundless. Sir Ken Robinson, a world renowned visionary on children’s education, was fond of saying creativity is as important in education as literacy. Art classes, especially in Elementary School have consistently proven that students need art as much as they need literacy, as they need friends and as they need attention. The lack of Art is detrimental to their learning process - and this has been documented by many scholars through the years.

Today, we attempt to capture this creativity, artistic insight and spirit of the the recent Elementary Arts Exhibition held in the lobby area of our Theater that served as the gallery for our community. Students with their classes visited the exhibit and we engaged in discussions as to what they see, and how this creative process affects them on a personal level.

Talking about Art on a podcast is not the most efficient, but through the children’s eyes, hopefully you will get the idea. Listen to some of the most original and surprising points of view, as well as those of their art teachers, Farida Elgazzar, Kleoni Manousaki, and Arts Division chair Sophia Soseilos. A few parents and alums also offer their “critique.”

Let's get colorful!

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