Our guest is Konstantinos Kanellopoulos, Class of 2010, who visited our studio recently to share with us his story before, during and after ACS Athens. An educator himself, Konstantinos has traveled extensively following his passion for education and declares his dedication to continue working with the Youth. With studies in Political Science, Economics and Philosophy, he just finished his PhD dissertation titled "Why does Greece Fail" a perennial question which he tries to answer by doing a comparative analysis of the economic crises of the 1930’s and 2010’s.

Konstantinos Kanellopoulos reflects on his preparation to join ACS Athens at a time when students from Greek schools were able to join the ACS Athens Academy, when enrollment had begun to rebound after a period of decline. He shares memories, describes the transition to his College studies while earning scholarships,  and talks about the preparation for his current career as an academic in Higher Education. His advice to the future graduates will resonate with many of them, at a time of uncertainty and need for hope, focus and perseverance.

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