Helen Seretis, Academy Counseling Specialist

"One of the greatest rewards we have as counselors is witnessing the pure joy and excitement of ACS Athens students getting into their “best fit” university. 

As an ideology, “best fit” means that there is a right placement for ALL students who hope to achieve higher education. 

Working as an Academy Counseling Specialist has been amazing and has given me great memories to look back to.

Two of my proudest moments that stand out for me are the following:

Elina Pipa’s acceptance to Brown University; a class act ACS Athens student on all levels: academically, socially and above all “humanely.” 

Her hard work and ethos were equally rewarded. 

I also have several former ESL students who pursued the full IB program and achieved most of their offers at UK universities.

Oscar Wang stands out in particular: I remember advising him not to take the IB. However, he pushed and persisted that he can make it and not only is he making it, but he also achieved 5 UK college offers. 

Congratulations to all my students; you will be dearly missed!"