"It was the weekend before Christmas when my traditional Sunday bike ride got a 'Santa' spin to it. 

You see, weeks ago, in my attempt to encourage the girls to take part in the 3km challenge, I committed to personally delivering their participatory t-shirts by cycling to each of their homes. 

So, I packed my backpack with t-shirts, medals & holiday trinkets, and I was off! 

Now, some girls were away, and others were still sleeping when I got there (oh brother!); still, 5 suburbs and 54 kilometers later, I made all my scheduled deliveries. 

To the surprise and delight of my carb hungry taste buds, my backpack was fuller going home than when I left that morning.

I really do wish this season had turned out differently.

It makes me sad to think that our senior (and our Captain!) would not get the season she so deserved or that the girls new to an ACS Athens Varsity athletic team would not experience a tournament or an ISST. 

Still, I sincerely hope they got a taste of what it feels like to be on a team (I definitely got a taste of their holiday baking skills...)

Happy New Year to our athletes & their families, and our entire ACS Athens Community!"