"Earlier in December, ACS Athens Middle School students in Art Studio class learned about the vast history of mosaics throughout time, along with their numerous uses.

ACS Athens students from Grades 6-8 also viewed and discussed the works of contemporary mosaic artists who use non-traditional materials such as toys, candy, and even garbage to create large scale mosaic works.

Students were then asked to create a list of personal heroes - either real or fictional, that have inspired them. As a class, we discussed what makes someone "a hero" and how we can all aim to embody the heroic qualities of those who inspire us.

From their list, they selected one hero to create their own Digital Mosaic using Google Draw.

While creating their mosaics, students explored methods and techniques for creating digital artworks.

They also built upon their previous knowledge of the Elements of Art by utilizing line, shape, space, color, and value to bring their heroes to life while maintaining the visual mosaic style.

This project was a hit, and many students created their own additional mosaics of animals and landscapes after the assignment was over.

We are very proud to share their beautiful work with you!"