From Danai Papaioannou, Academy Counseling Specialist and Alexandra Gregoriou, ACS Athens Alumn

“Witnessing how former ACS students have grown and how they have bloomed has always been one of the perks of being a Counselor”, states Ms. Papaioannou, Academy Counseling Specialist. Alexandra, a graduate of the ACS Athens class of 2021, always stood out not only for her exceptional academic skills but also for her adaptability and resilience.

In her own words, “Being away from home as an international student is already a challenge, but factor in moving 7,410 kilometers away, and it can feel impossible. However, what I hadn’t anticipated was how well prepared I was to make such a large change in my life. My name is Alexandra Gregoriou and I am currently a rising sophomore at Boston University. My transition from ACS Athens to BU was interesting, as I did experience a culture shock, but as I reflect back on my first year, I realize how well acclimated I was. Not only was I academically prepared, having learned how to write formal essays, present oral presentations, and more, but I was also socially aware. My interaction with my peers at ACS from all parts of the world and all types of backgrounds allowed me to seamlessly fit into BU – known for its international students. ACS Athens was a gateway of opportunity for me; it allowed me to explore new and diverse experiences, which gave me a holistic perspective of the world and a keen sensitivity to its issues, while simultaneously preparing me academically for a rigorous college experience. I am forever grateful.”