The Opening Reception of the ACS Athens final IB Visual Arts II Exam Exhibition was held on Tuesday, April 2nd 2019 in the ACS Athens Theater Lobby and Atrium.

  • The students exhibiting are:
  • Vasiliki Almyranti (HL)
  • Yiling Chen (HL)
  • Kayla Heliou Le Heux(HL)
  • Artemis Mitropoulou(HL)
  • Elena Papaspyrou (HL)
  • George Trochopoulos (HL)
  • Lishan Zhan (HL)
  • Manan Monga (SL)

Instructor: Sophia Stella Soseilos

The Exhibition will be open from April 2 - April 12.

Enjoy the photo gallery below.